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Sound Effect Ultimate Foley Sounds - Ghosthack
Ghosthack has launched a new sample library featuring a collection of 623 live recorded foley sounds.

The Ultimate Foley Sounds pack features a palette of diverse sounds, including bottles, breathing, chains, old pumps, plastic bags, sandpaper, sponges, tiny metals, big metals, wires and an enormous selection of other objects and materials.

And often times some of the most original tones and timbres stem from the most mundane objects in your environment. The daily newspaper, an old perfume bottle, a sheet of useless metal in your garage, the ribbing of plastic, a stone dropping into water or an oily bicycle chain – just think of Aphex Twin’s »Schottkey 7th Path« and its haunting rattle sound or the auditory range on Amon Tobin’s »Foley Room«.

If you listen closely, there are unusual tone colors to be found everywhere. So when compiling our »Foley Sounds« package, we went to great lengths to provide only interesting and usable sounds that can be injected into a track of almost any genre – ambient, experimental stuff, industrial, techno or even trap and trip-hop. Make use of your imagination and between all those crackling, hissing and rumbling new ideas for an unconventional production will emerge. 

Ultimate Foley Sounds:

  • Contains 623 Foley Samples
  • 100% Royalty-Free
  • Professional Quality
  • Instant Download After Purchase
  • 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee
  • All the world's a soundbank.
  • And oftentimes a few of the very original tones and timbres stem from the very mundane items in your surroundings. The daily paper, a classic perfume bottle, a sheet of metal that is useless in your own garage, the ribbing of vinyl, a rock dropping into an oily bicycle series -- only consider Aphex Twin's"Schottkey 7th Path" and its own haunting rattle noise or the directional range on Amon Tobin's"Foley Room".
  • in the event that you listen carefully, you will find unusual tone colors available anywhere. When compiling our"Foley Sounds" bundle, we went to great lengths to supply just functional and interesting sounds which may be injected to a track of just about any genre -- ambient, experimental materials, industrial, techno, or perhaps snare and trip-hop. Use your creativity and involving those crackling, hissing, and rumbling new thoughts for an unconventional creation will emerge.
  • To kickstart items using a palette of varied sounds, we listed bottles, breathing, chains, older pumps, plastic totes, sandpaper, sponges, miniature metals, large metals, cables, and a great assortment of different items and substances awaiting an ingenious modulation. Obviously, all documents are as lossless 24-bit WAVs.
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