BioLinks v5.2.0 - Instagram & TikTok Bio Links & URL Shortener (SAAS Ready)

PHP BioLinks v5.2.0 - Instagram & TikTok Bio Links & URL Shortener (SAAS Ready)
Biolinks is a problem solver for Instagram and TikTok bio link problem and a URL Shortener at the same time! You can only have one bio link per Instagram account. Make sure to make the most of it with a custom biolink page.


  • UNLIMITED PROJECTS (CATEGORIES) – That users can create to manage multiple Biolink Pages & Shortened URLS and differentiate them easily.
  • UNLIMITED BIOLINK PAGES – Users can create multiple Biolink Pages from one single account.
  • URL SHORTENER READY – Your users can use the product as an URL Shortener as well!
  • HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE BIOLINK PAGES – Just check out the demo and you will see for yourself :) !
  • BIOLINK PAGES EMBEDS – Including YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Twitch, Vimeo & TikTok ready embeds.
  • ADVANCED STATISTICS – All links get detailed statistics regarding their visitors which access their pages.
  • LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK – To help users login to your website faster.
  • TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION – To help your users with their account security.
  • SEO FRIENDLY – Proper URLs, dynamic titles, highly controllable via per language.
  • SITEMAP – The full sitemap is automatically generated for you and ready to be used.
  • and many many more..
  • Administrative Features
  • STRIPE PAYMENTS – Earn money by charging One time, Recurring or Lifetime payments from your users for custom plans via Stripe.
  • PAYPAL PAYMENTS – Earn money by charging One time, Recurring or Lifetime payments from your users for custom plans via Paypal.
  • OFFLINE PAYMENTS – Earn money by charging offline payments (ex: via bank transfers or other methods). The best way to get paid by your users if you do not use Paypal or Stripe.
  • DISCOUNT AND REDEEMABLE CODES – Create unlimited discount or redeemable codes from the admin panel for your users.
  • TAXES – Easily create, configure taxes and attach them to paid plans.
  • INVOICING – Configure and generate proper invoices, displaying potential discount codes and applied taxes for your users.
  • FREE, TRIAL PLAN CUSTOMIZATION – Configure exactly what each defined plan can or can not do or disable them completely.
  • UNLIMITED CUSTOM PLANS – Create custom made plans for your users.
  • PAYMENTS – Both you (as the admin) and your users will have access to their payments made on the platform.
  • MULTILINGUAL READY – Translate the whole website via a single .JSON file (Created pages from the admin panel are not translatable).
  • STATISTICS – Get to know what happens on your website by checking out the statistics page.
  • USERS – Create, view, edit, ban or delete any user on the platform via the admin panel.
  • PAGES – Create, view, edit or delete any custom page on the platform via the admin panel.
  • LINKS – View or delete any biolink or shortened link that have been created by your users.
  • CUSTOM DOMAINS – Allow your users to use multiple domains that you give them access to for Biolink pages or URL Shorteners.
  • PHISHTANK & GOOGLE SAFE BROWSWING – Is implemented to help you fight phishing, malware or any threats from sites that spammers will try and link to.
  • SETTINGS – This is the control page where you update your website and create it exactly as you wish by editing important details enabling or disabling certain features such as.
  • Disable the default landing page and redirect to your custom one
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